Does Lemon Help You Lose Weight?

Health coaches, wellness bloggers, and celebrities have spelled out the benefits of lemon for weight loss. According to experts, lemon water can boost your metabolism helping you shed the extra pounds, especially if you consume a glass in the morning.

Now, you might be thinking whether the claim carries weight or not. Does one glass of lemon water can help you lose weight?

According to Amy Gorin, lemon water alone can’t help you achieve your weight loss goal. However, it does help make water a bit more palatable. Moreover, some research studies suggest that having water before you eat your meal is also a good idea to lose weight.

The role of Lemon Water

Drinking water prior to a meal can make you feel fuller. In addition, it may help you avoid overeating. Moreover, lemon water is a lot better than other drinks out there. So, it’s a good idea to opt for lemon water instead of sugary drinks, especially if you want to reduce your intake of calories for weight loss.

Lemon Water Keeps You Hydrated

If you want to prevent a headache and dry mouth, lemon water can help. However, the benefits are not limited to this only. Hydration can have a positive impact on your performance. If you want your body to stay hydrated, make sure you drink enough water.

When Should Your Drink Lemon Water?

It’s a good idea to have one glass of lemon water as soon as you get up in the morning. It will rehydrate you once again. Aside from this, it will also help your body flush out the toxins. Proper hydration can also help you digest food more easily.

In short, if you love lemon water, you should go for it. Although it’s not the most powerful thing for weight loss, it can help you shed some extra pounds.